A little bit about Chobe National Park

Stumble upon wildlife wherever you go in beautiful Botswana.

After driving a few metres along the impressive Chobe Riverfront, your guide suddenly stops. An elephant family slowly wanders across the road, planning to take a bath. As you gaze at this amazing scene, you can hear the dull sound of heavy feet in the sand, the breathing and whiffing, and occasional trumpeting from these beautiful, mighty creatures.

One of the most awe-inspiring safari experiences is the up-close and personal meetings with wildlife at Chobe National Park, and we can assure you will have them frequently during your visit. Welcome to the park with some of the highest game density in all of Africa.

Going on a Chobe Safari

You are considering, or maybe even planning, a trip to the Chobe National Park. Naturally, you want it to be the journey of a lifetime and it will be. Why? There are not not many places left in the world with such unspoilt nature splendor, wildlife and truly pampering lodges.

Before you are ready to grab your suitcases from the attic, we would like to provide a bit more background information - if only to stir the anticipation of going – and answer the questions you might have in the sections below. Please use our contact form below for more questions you might have.

  • The accommodations were lovely, the food excellent, and the hospitality was second to none.

    Gerald S about Chobe Game Lodge on Tripadvisor
  • Can never tire of watching from our deck the constant procession of elephants that trek to drink each afternoon.

    mjnicholas about Savute Safari Lodge on Tripadvisor
  • Although not cheap it is worth every penny... You better plan a stay for two or three days since a stopover only would definitely be too short to enjoy this place.

    Radschko about Ngoma Safari Lodge on Tripadvisor

Chobe National Park lodges

Whereas Chobe National Park feels like true wilderness, once you set foot in one of the lodges you will be embraced with true pampering and homelike vibes.

All lodges come with beautiful private suites: the perfect place to start and end an exhilarating day. You only have to pick one of them, or, if you can’t make up your mind, pick several and go lodgehopping. With each and every stay, it will add up to an extraordinary experience.

  • The sunset is an amazing experience as the sun sinks in an array of reds, oranges, pinks and yellows. a sight to behold and one never forgotten.

    Shebashful about Chobe River Boat Cruises Lodge on Tripadvisor
  • At nights we could hear all sorts of animals and awoke both mornings to find that the noises we were hearing were wondering next to our tents throughout the night.

    ahammond92 about Chobe Under Canvas on Tripadvisor
  • The camp and rooms are beautifully done, and the game drive vehicles are in very good condition and comfortable for long drives.

    MsKitts about Chobe Elephant Camp on Tripadvisor

Chobe Video

The best way of getting an idea what the Chobe National Park is about is by seeing some incredible footage from the area. View this video of Sanctuary Chobe Chilwero to experience one of the lodges and wildlfe in the game reserve.

Be careful, after watching this video you can be sure that you want to travel to Botswana. Today.

  • The small size means you get to eat family style with the other guests, thereby meeting some new people and comparing notes on the day's activities.

    TripperMo about Garden Lodge on Tripadvisor
  • The lodge is set on a hill with a spectacular view over the plains with a waterhole which has a constant stream of wildlife coming for a drink.

    Shewholunches2014 about Ghoha Hills Savuti on Tripadvisor
  • We saw thousands of elephant, giraffes, lions, kudu,alligrator, water buffalo, springbok, mongoose, and countless other animals, including the fascinating dung beetle.

    leloir about Sanctuary Chobe Chilwero on Tripadvisor

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