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&Beyond Chobe Under Canvas

Lodge style Right in the heart of nature

Awake your inner camper

Feeling adventures? Seasoned safari enthusiast? Or simply seeking an intense Botswana experience? Venture out to Chobe Under Canvas: a comfortable lodge in the Chobe National Park consisting of only five en suite mobile tents. If you ever thought camping just wasn’t for you; think again. By arriving at Chobe Under Canvas you will find yourself as close to African nature as you will ever get. Wake up every day to the fragrance of morning dew and start your own ‘Out of Africa’ story. Experience elephant herds passing by over breakfast, game drives and river cruises in one of the most game-rich areas, yummy meals cooked over open fire, cosy evenings watching ‘Bush TV Channel One’ (meaning: a crackling fire) while sharing safari tales, lions roaring at night and sleeping like a baby under canvas - Robson and his team make sure your entire stay at this camp will be unforgettable. Light hearted and fun, and amazing professionals at the same time: the staff at Chobe Under Canvas is what makes this camp truly special. Although a little more ‘rustic’ than a five star hotel, service is definitely ten stars. But the best part is, of course, that you are truly in the bush and eye to eye with Botswana’s wildlife.

Tucked in the shade of a dense forest deep in the pristine African bush, a maximum of ten guests revel in the total isolation of five tents in these private wildlife sites. And the word ‘tent’ might be slightly misleading: no sleeping on thin air beds at this camp. The big beds are undoubtedly some of the most comfortable in all of Botswana and very welcome as you slide your weary body between crisp sheets at night. The toilet flushes, hot showers are prepared on request (or wait until the end of the day when the water is warmed up by the sun) and the minute you step out of your tent the most delicious breakfasts, lunches, dinners, snacks and cold or warm drinks are freshly prepared. Whenever you are in need of some tranquillity, sit yourself down on your private, shady verandah and admire smaller bush residents passing you by. Or listen to soft but beautiful birdsongs. All this with jaw-dropping backgrounds of bathing hippos, towering giraffes against sunset, elephant families, buffalo herds and many more.

Activities at Chobe Under Canvas

So far we have a warm staff, rustic yet comfortable tents and an amazingly game-rich location. But what does a day at Chobe Under Canvas actually look like? “Good morning, it is time to wake up”, a friendly, soft voice speaks outside of your tent. When you open the canvas, you take in the wide vistas by sunrise. Then, your nose guides you to a tray of freshly baked cookies and coffee. A light breakfast welcomes you, before it is time for the morning game drive. Climb into an open 4x4 safari vehicle with your guide and tracker and set off to the waking bush. You might spot predators having breakfast - slightly different than yours - as they feast on their kill from the night before. Chobe is also home to some of the largest elephant herds of Africa, so prepare to see plenty of these giants. When arriving back at the camp, your own feast is served in the form of a hearty breakfast; fresh fruit, homemade muesli, omelettes and much more. Refresh, read or nap before lunch and a delicious high tea are served. When the hottest hours of the day are over, you might want to try something different in the afternoon. How about a river cruise? Glide among hundreds of elephants and hippos seeking refreshment. Of course sundowners during sunset, are part of the experience. By returning to the camp dinner is ready, accompanied by richly flowing wines and a blazing fire. As you look up to a sky filled with stars, your inner camper will know that this is the way to discover Botswana.

Chobe Under Canvas honeymoon offer

&Beyond Chobe Under Canvas offers a fabulous special for newlyweds. Brides receive a 50% discount when staying for a minimum of two nights. Valid through 31 December 2025.

Tripadvisor comments Chobe Under Canvas

Every one of the three days I spent in and around this camp were packed with animal sightings, carefully elaborated upon by our masterful guide, Max. It was a privilege to be driven by him - he has a sixth sense for finding the game, and triumphantly leaving 'the crowd' behind. He is clearly passionate about what he does and is delighted if you share his passion. The staff at the camp were smiling at all times of day and night, and oh, the food....all cooked over an open fire! How is it possible to bake the lightest, tastiest cakes imaginable??!! I would return in a heartbeat and have no hesitation in recommending this fabulous camp and it's staff.

from Dublin, UK

Chobe Under Canvas is a rustic, glamping experience. Tents have everything you need. Very comfortable. Food amazing considering the camp moves every 6 days. We were blessed with Max as our guide who always seemed to be one step ahead for animal sightings. If you are considering going to Chobe, do try Under Canvas with &Beyond - you won't regret it.

from Sydney, Australia