• Cape Buffalo in the Chobe National Park - Meet all of the Big Five
  • Big Five Safari in Chobe National Park - Leopard
  • Viewing rhinoceros during a Big Five safari in Chobe, Botswana
  • Elephant up close and personal in Chobe National Park, the ideal place for a Big Five safari
  • Chobe lions spotted during a Big Five Safari

Big Five Safari Chobe

With countless bird species and wildlife, it is challenging to summarise the highlights, but we will try to paint a picture of Chobe’s bustling wildlife.

Biggest predators & Big Five in Chobe

The big predators dominating Chobe National Park are cheetah, wild dog, lion, leopard and hyena. Large herds of elephant and buffalo also roam the area, seeking water and refreshment. Unfortunately, the rhino population has been decimated, but is slowly – and successfully - being reintroduced into private areas of Chobe National Park.

As fans probably already noticed, the Big Five (lion, cheetah, elephant, buffalo, and the rare rhino) can all be seen roaming Chobe. Imagine spotting these impressive animals without any boundaries or fences: this will leave an everlasting memory. But where does this name, Big Five, come from? It is not because these animals are particularly big. They got their nickname because it was so difficult to hunt these animals in, luckily, bygone days. Thus, the name, ‘Big Five’ is a result of their great defense strategy.

Are you seeking big game? The Chobe Riverfront is certainly one of Africa’s most prolific wildlife areas where, especially towards the end of dry season, big game gathers. Prides of lion, huge herds of buffalo and elephant; hop on a boat and gaze at this amazing scene. Get ready to take some spectacular photos in the afternoon, when complete elephant families bathe in the river.

Bouncy antelopes, over 500 birds

Besides the Big Five, you will also find a large variety of ever-elegant antelopes in Chobe National Park: like the Bushbuck. This very well camouflaged antelope will freeze if disturbed, often eluding hunting lions or hyenas as they pass them by from a ten meter distance.

There are over 560 recorded bird species in Chobe National Park, as they thrive in Botswana’s undisturbed natural vegetation. Swamp, open water, forest, drier areas; you will spot different species everywhere you go. In addition to Botswana’s local birds, you will discover migrating species from Europe and North Africa. The perfect book to read during a little siesta in your lodge is the highly recommend, Newman’s Birds of South Africa – start identifying!